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Love Abounds At Juneteenth 2023

The Juneteenth parade and celebration at Stoner Hawkins Park was an out pour of cultural love and family vibes.

The vibrant parade featuring dance troops, community groups, fancy cars and more was met by excited on lookers as candy was thrown to the children and people danced in the street.

This was the first time I had the opportunity to present my art piece, Skin Color, to such a large group of people or to small children. Shortly after the parade ended people began to browse the vendor stalls and I explained my project.

It wasn't long before folks began sitting with me. I matched their skin color among all the activity and there was just as much laughter and fun as there have been in my studio sessions.

The children loved the activity. They were amazed at the blues, yellows and red in their skin color as they tried to predict which color would come next.

All in all it was great. I got some second had grandma and cousin love and truly felt a part of my community.

Congratulations to Fela Sutton and many others on the organizing team on a wonderful day and a sincere thank you from this artist.

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