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Creating History at The Summit Historical Society

It is always amazing to me how much we can find in common with others when we take the time to look.

I'm pretty sure my art piece was the first of its kind at the Summit Historical Society's John Brown House and they truly met me with open arms.

The conversation was lively and interesting. Floating from gardening to television show to hair bands. We talked about so many interesting things.

But by far the most interesting train of conversation to me was about favorite colors, power colors and comfort colors.

I had never heard the phrasing comfort colors or thought much about what colors made me feel safe and at ease (spoiler: mine is black). The conversation was a bit of an aha moment as I reflected on the many different instances of my comfort color in my life as opposed to my favorite color (orange).

Who knows maybe we just invented a thing, lol.

Thank you to the lovely new friends that attended the session and may we all find comfort in our colors.

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